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Credit Ocean is a leading provider of premium tipping films designed to meet the diverse needs of shoelace and garment cord manufacturers. Our top-quality products and outstanding customer service have made us the trusted choice for businesses across the globe.

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Comprehensive Selection of Tipping Films for Various Applications

At Credit Ocean, we recognize the significance of setting your products apart. We provide tailor-made tipping films in various colors, widths, and thicknesses, allowing you to cater to your specific requirements and offer distinctive products to your customers.

Shoelace Tipping Film

Our shoelace tipping films are designed to create durable and attractive aglets for shoelaces, garment strings, and webbing. They are available in various colors, widths, and thicknesses, catering to your needs.

Phthalate-Free Film

Our environmentally friendly and secure phthalate-free films boast OEKO-TEX, DIN-CERTCO, and SGS certifications. These films are ideal for crafting sustainable shoelaces and garment cords that adhere to global environmental standards.

Versatile Tipping Film

Our versatile tipping films are economical for producing various items, including shoelaces, garment cords, and paper bag handles. With an extensive selection of colors and sizes, we can help you develop the perfect product for your target market.

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Trusted by 1000+ Global Clients

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The Credit Ocean Advantage: Your Go-To Tipping Film Provider

Our commitment to innovation, outstanding quality, and customer satisfaction distinguishes Credit Ocean. Here's why we are the top choice for tipping film solutions:

Superior Quality Assurance

We thoroughly test and inspect every batch of tipping film to ensure it meets our high standards for performance and durability.

Tailored Solutions

We collaborate with you to create custom tipping films that cater to your unique production needs and help your brand stand out.

Dedicated Customer Support

Our seasoned team is devoted to offering unmatched service throughout every phase of our partnership, from initial inquiries to continuous post-sales support.

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Customer Reviews

Throughout my three-year collaboration with Credit Ocean, I've been continually impressed by the outstanding quality of their fipping films. Their unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and eagerness to go the extra mile have established them as our top choice for shoelace production materials.

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Credit Ocean's environmentally conscious tipping films have empowered our company to remain competitive by providing eco-friendly products to our clients. Their meticulous attention to detail and comprehensive industry knowledge make them a reliable partner for our business operations.

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Simple and Efficient Ordering Process for Your Peace of Mind

At Credit Ocean, we aim to make the ordering process as straightforward and hassle-free as possible, ensuring you receive your acetate films promptly and easily.


send your design

Specify Your Requirements

Contact us with your desired acetate film details, including colors, sizes, and custom requests.



Obtain a Quote

We will provide a competitive quote within 1-2 business hours.


quality inspection


We will expertly manufacture your acetate film order with accuracy and attention to detail upon approval.



Shipping and Delivery

After passing our stringent quality checks, we will carefully package and dispatch your goods to your location, ensuring a smooth and timely delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the composition of your tipping films?

Our tipping films are crafted from top-grade cellulose acetate, ensuring strength and versatility across various applications.


Do your tipping films adhere to environmental standards?

Absolutely! Our Phthalate Free/Non-Phthalate Tipping Films are eco-friendly and comply with the strictest international certifications, including OEKO-TEX, DIN-CERTCO, and SGS.


Can the tipping films' colors and dimensions be customized?

Certainly! We offer various standard colors, sizes, and bespoke options to cater to your unique requirements.

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