Enhance Your Production with Automatic Bow Making Machines

At Credit Ocean, we offer state-of-the-art automatic bow making machines that revolutionize your production process, ensuring efficiency, precision, and innovation. Our machines cater to diverse industries, including gift packaging, fashion accessories, and event decorations. MOQ: 1 Piece.

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Comprehensive Automatic Bow Making Machine Selection

Gift Bow Machine

Create attractive bows for gift packaging with high-speed production and precision cutting, ensuring perfect bows every time.

Hair Bow Making Machine

Designed for producing smaller, delicate bows for hair accessories. Ideal for the fashion industry due to its precision and variety.

Decorative Bow Machine

Produces larger, ornamental bows for decor settings, events, and festive decorations. Perfect for event planning and festive decor businesses.

Ribbon Bow Making Machine

Handles various ribbon materials to create a range of bow styles and functions, from simple decorative bows to complex industrial designs, ensuring flexibility and efficiency in production.

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Technical Specifications of Credit Ocean’s Automatic Bow Making Machines


Machine Speed: Capable of producing up to 1,800 bows per hour, ensuring rapid production.


Operational Width: Versatile machines that can produce bows of various sizes, from small decorative bows to large industrial bows.


Material Compatibility: Engineered to handle a variety of materials, including ribbons, fabrics, and synthetic materials, suitable for producing gift bows, hair bows, and decorative bows.


Control System: Equipped with an advanced, user-friendly control system for precise adjustments and settings.


Adjustability: Features adjustable components to control bow size and shape, catering to specific product requirements.


Energy Efficiency: Designed for optimal energy use, reducing operational costs and supporting environmental sustainability.

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Why Choose Credit Ocean for Your Industrial Bow Machines?

  • Our skilled engineers provide personalized service to ensure your machines are optimized for your specific needs.
  • Each machine undergoes stringent quality checks to meet the highest standards.
  • Built to last, our machines are designed for peak performance.
  • From installation to after-sales service, we offer complete support to ensure your success.
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Credit Ocean

What Our Clients Say

Credit Ocean’s automatic bow making machines have significantly boosted our production efficiency. Their support and training have been invaluable, and the machines are both reliable and efficient.

Sarah, Operations Manager
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Investing in Credit Ocean's technology has greatly enhanced our product offerings. The durability and performance of their bow making machines have allowed us to meet increased demand with ease.

David, CEO
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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of bows can your machines produce?

Our machines are designed to produce a wide variety of bows, including gift bows, hair bows, and decorative bows for events and packaging.


What materials can your bow making machines handle?

Our machines work with various materials, including satin ribbons, grosgrain, velvet, and synthetic fabrics. This versatility ensures you can produce bows for a wide range of applications, from gift wrapping to fashion accessories.


What is the warranty period?

We offer a one-year warranty on all our bow making machines. This covers any manufacturing defects, and we provide free replacement parts and technical support during the warranty period to ensure smooth operation.

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