Comprehensive Guide to Cord Knitting Machines

What is a Cord Knitting Machine?

Cord knitting machines specialize in crafting durable, flexible, and uniform ropes by knitting yarn or other materials in specific patterns.

These machines come in a range of sizes, accommodating diameters from 1.5mm to 20mm.

Designed for efficiency, these machines can produce both round and flat belt ropes.

Their mechanical design ensures minimal maintenance, quiet operation at high speeds, and a compact footprint for space-saving installation.

cord knitting machine
Features of Cord Knitting Machines

Key Features of Cord Knitting Machines

These machines stand out for their ability to produce ropes, cords, and related items. Their unique features have garnered attention across industries, from textiles to marine and agriculture.

Versatile Size Adjustments

Accommodating a range of cord diameters from 1.5mm to 20mm, the machine's cylinder can be adjusted to fit specific product sizes.

Low-Maintenance & Compact Design

These machines are engineered for minimal maintenance and quiet operation, even at high speeds. Their compact design ensures easy installation in various settings.

User-Friendly Operation

These machines are intuitively designed, ensuring ease of use for both novices and experts. A brief training session is all it takes to operate and yield top-notch products.

Operating Cord Knitting Machines: A Step-by-Step Guide

Over the years, Credit Ocean has established itself as a leading textile machinery provider on both national and international fronts. With our service center in China and global exports, our vision is to be a globally recognized cord knitting machine manufacturer, driven by technology and customer commitment. This guide will walk you through the operation of our user-friendly machines.

  • Yarn Feeding: Initiate by feeding the yarn/materials into the machine via feed rollers, ensuring controlled tension and speed.
  • Needle Selection: The continuously rotating cylinder houses needles in a circular arrangement, pivotal for the knitting pattern.
  • Knitting: With the cylinder's rotation, needles create interlocking loops, forming a seamless rope.
  • Take-Up: Post knitting, rollers and winders take up the rope, maintaining tension and speed for winding.
  • Maintenance: Periodic checks, lubrication, cleaning, and part replacements ensure the machine's optimal performance.
Operating Cord Knitting Machines

An Insight into Automatic Rope Knitting Machines

Credit Ocean takes pride in its state-of-the-art factory, capable of efficiently producing top-tier rope knitting machines. Our commitment to industry standards ensures we deliver only the best to the market. With cutting-edge machinery, we cater to both bulk and small orders, always meeting promised timelines.

Applications of Rope Knitting Machines

Shoe laces

1. Textile Industry

In textiles, cord knitting machines craft a variety of ropes, cords, and belts, with capabilities for intricate patterns. Their applications include:
  • Decorative belts
  • Trims for clothing and accessories
  • Elastic bands for waistbands and cuffs
  • Shoe laces
  • Upholstery cords
Cord for Agriculture Industry

2. Agriculture

Cord knitting machines serve agriculture by crafting durable ropes and cords for tasks like hay bundling. Key products include:
  • Baler Twine: For binding hay and straw bales.
  • Crop Support Cords: Assisting plant growth.
  • Livestock Containment Cords: For fencing and enclosures.
  • Irrigation Cords: Managing water flow in irrigation.
anchor lines

3. Marine

In the marine sector, cord knitting machines produce ropes and cords resilient to water and harsh conditions. They craft:
  • Dock/mooring lines
  • Anchor lines
  • Tow lines
  • Safety lines
Ropes for rock climbing

4. Sports

In sports, these machines produce specialized ropes for activities like:
  • Rock climbing
  • Mountaineering
  • Sailing
Parachute Cords

5. Military and Defense

For military and defense, the machines craft high-strength ropes and cords for:
  • Parachute deployments
  • Rugged terrain climbing
  • Tactical rappelling
  • Route marking
  • Equipment transport via cargo nets

Why Opt for Credit Ocean's Cord Knitting Machines?

  • Innovative Machinery: Since 2002, Credit Ocean has pioneered in producing a diverse range of machinery, including cord tipping machines and Jacquard needle looms. Our commitment to innovation ensures we meet the evolving needs of the textile sector.
  • Product Excellence: Our offerings, from the Shoelace Tipping Machine to the Crochet Machine, are recognized for their longevity, reliability, and low maintenance.
  • Global Presence: Our unique blend of innovation, quality assurance, and business acumen has carved a niche for us, not just in Bangladesh but globally.
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Diverse Product Portfolio

We proudly manufacture:
  • Cord Machine
  • Shoelace Tipping Machine
  • Jacquard Needle Loom
  • And more...

Uncompromised Quality

Our focus on quality is unwavering. We employ rigorous quality checks, ensuring our machines excel in measurements, operations, and energy efficiency.

Dedicated Team

Our success is powered by a team of:
  • Expert Engineers
  • Creative Designers
  • Rigorous Quality Auditors
  • Dynamic Sales and Marketing professionals

Commitment to Clients

At Credit Ocean, client satisfaction is paramount. Our machines, built with technical expertise and creativity, adhere to international standards, ensuring we consistently exceed client expectations.

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